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intelligent power management system platform useful than previous

intelligent power management system platform useful than previous

At present, there are many energy-saving management systems, prepaid systems, and street lamp control systems on the market, but it is very rare that the three major management systems can be integrated into one system platform.

Based on market demand and combined with years of system research and development experience, Yongtailong has launched a comprehensive, multi-dimensional intelligent power management application system that integrates energy-saving management, safe power management, prepayment, and smart street light control platform.

1.U°is a set of smart enterprise power energy-saving management system.

Integrates information collection, data analysis, real-time monitoring, and safety warning, provide real-time, accurate and complete data for enterprise power management.

While smart collect accurate data remotely, U°also analyzes and stores the data.

The electricity meter measures the electricity consumption in each area accurately, and transmits the electricity data to the cloud through various communication methods such as RS485, WIFI, Ethernet, and GPRS. Cloud system and big data management enable users to check the company's electricity consumption anytime, anywhere through web pages, mobile phones, etc.

Enterprises can also compare horizontally and vertically the collected data according to departments and time, and link them with output, so as to clearly and intuitively adjust power consumption strategies for off-peak production.

The U° comes with a color reminder of electricity usage and an over-current warn, which can provide early warning of economic losses caused by power outages, production shutdowns, and machine damage caused by overload currents caused by improper use of electricity before it happens.

  1. APS electric energy meter prepayment system

The APS prepaid system has obtained the IEC standard test report of the SIMT laboratory and the type approval certificate for measuring instruments from the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

Pay the fee first, then use the electricity, to help the landlord to manage the charge, and the tenant user can charge the electricity fee in advance through the mobile phone, computer, etc. The APS code-based prepayment method replaces the traditional plug-in card type, has a higher security level, is more convenient to use, and saves customers the cost of IC cards and recharge machines. Yongtailong technical team also provides a lifetime maintenance system, users have no worries after use to.


  1. smartstreet light controlsystem


YTL smart street lamp management system implements unified management of street lamp public lighting, achieving the effects of the "three in one" of remote lighting monitoring, smart management and control, energy saving and consumption reduction.

To the smart street light system adopts PLC communication method, which is more convenient to install. Multiple sets of street lamp control schemes can be preset, and all street lamps are connected to the cloud computing server through street lamp controllers, concentrator, etc. The system can realize the timing switch and brightness adjustment of street lights, and the average energy saving can be 40%.

To the smart street lamp system can query the data of street lamp switch status, brightness, current, voltage, active power, bulb life detection, etc. in real time.

When a street lamp fails, the system can automatically report the street lamp failure system to the cloud system, and the cloud system will remind you by SMS according to the type of alarm information.

To Yongtailong Company is constantly committed to research, development and promotion of innovative products with unique value that meet market needs.

A comprehensive and multi-dimensional smart power management application system platform will cover the needs of power management in various environments.